Effortless text transformation

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Quick Text Transformation

Esse allows you to transform any text into a bunch of different formats.

Esse is available where you need it:

  1. Share extension available from any application, accepts text and pastes transformed text to the clipboard

  2. Today View widget enables one tap transformation of text in the clipboard

  3. Each text action is available in shortcuts

  4. And of course the app itself

Case change

  • Camel Case

  • Capitalise Words

  • Lowercase

  • Pascal Case

  • Random Case

  • Sentence Case

  • Snake Case

  • Uppercase

Quotation Marks

  • CJK Quotes

  • Curly Quotes

  • Guillemet Quotes

  • Straight Quotes

  • Double to Single Quotes

  • Single to Double Quotes

  • Wrap in Quotes


  • Remove Duplicate Lines

  • Remove Empty Lines

  • Remove Line Numbers

  • Remove New Lines

  • Remove Quote Prefixes

  • Remove White Space

  • Truncate Spaces



  • Increase Indent

  • Decrease Indent

  • Sort Lines

  • HTML to Plain Text

  • URL Decoded

  • URL Encoded

And much more…

  • Circle Letters: Empty

  • Circle Letters: Filled

  • Square Letters

  • Hashtags

  • Reversed Text

  • Upside down Text


Share Extension and Today Widget


You can choose which actions you want to see in Today View Widget and Share Extension. Just drag and items in the App.

     | That’s neat! |
    (\__/) ||
    (•ㅅ•) ||
  /   づ


Fully Integrated with Shortcuts


Every action is available in Shortcuts app, a custom voice command can be configure with Add To Siri for each action

Available in Dark as well

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